DJ Virulazo, Swiss,


Oliver Krstic is an internationally recognized Tango DJ and is popularly known as Tango DJ-Virulazo. He has played the music in countless milongas in Buenos Aires, all over Europe and Asia. The golden age of Tango between 1930 and 1950 is clearly his preference. The traditional Tango tandas are strictly adjusted and they are same in rhythmical, melodically and thematic content.

Here some of the past memorable events with Tango DJ Virulazo:

OsterTango 2016 17th Edition, Basel, Switzerland Javier Rodríguez Summer Tango Fiesta, Izmir, Turkey Mallorca Tango Festival 2012 5th Edition,Mallorca, Spain Pfingst Tango Festival, Luzern, Switzerland Tango Festival, Alghero, Italy Firenze Tango Festival, Florence, Italy Belgrade Tango Encuentro, Belgrade, Serbia Wernau Tango Festival, Wernau, Germany 2° Encuentro Milongueros de Corazon, Valparaiso, Chile International Tango Festival, Santiago de Chile, Chile 8th International Tango Festival, Belgrade, Serbia 2° European Tango Championship, Torino, Italy El Cafe de las Artes, Barcelona, Spain "3° Resegna DJ Alessandria, Italy Tangoloft Stuttgart, Germany Corrientes Social Club, London, England Practica con Virginia Pandolfi" - Escuela Carlos Copello, Buenos Aires, Argentina NOU Tango Berlin“, Berlin, Germany Tango Super Cocina, Basel, Switzerland Confiteria Ideal" , Buenos Aires, Argentina Studio Uno, Singapore, Singapore.

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